Well doesn’t that subject line top everything? Kerry decided she wanted to find a burlesque dancer to talk business with and we got one, a male dancer who goes by “the Luminous Pariah.” Then she found a professional dominatrix who goes by “Mistress Montana.” And
A One-Person Restaurant, Custom Plush Toys, Board Games, and a Guitar Virtuoso.
West Coast Week on The Backpack Show
It's all fun and games on The Backpack Show this week!
This week, we bring you a former Obama speechwriter, a cellista, a celebrity hair artist...and we're not done!
Another week of business inspiration and success at The Backpack Show
It’s going to be quite a week here on The Backpack Show! We’ve booked authors, actors, a pro cyclist, a reality TV host and bourbon expert, AND some cl…
It that doesn't mean anything to you, read on.
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